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"Heartwitch" used to be my nom de plume for creative endeavours on the internet, but recently I decided to make it the handle I use for all things radfem-related. I've always been a radical feminist at heart, but only in the last two years has it become something I work on and discuss actively. I need a name and a space to do it that's not obviously connected to the rest of my online identity, because you start making enemies (or at least losing friends) as soon as you get truly radical.

Dreamwidth is probably a bit of a desert as far as finding other radfems goes. But hey. I live in hope. If you think that...

+ gender is an inherently hierarchical social construct and should be abolished
+ women need liberation from patriarchal structures and values more than they need equality with men
+ porn and prostitution are problematic at best, outright immoral at worst
+ third-wave feminism took some seriously wrong turns

...then hit me up! I'm also on Wordpress and Reddit as "heartwitch" and on Twitter as "honeycomb_bones".
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Fellow radfem here! Mind if I add you?